Not sure what safety gear you need? RCMSAR Unit 5 Crescent Beach members will visit your boat at the dock and provide a free courtesy check. Weíll make sure you have the safety equipment you need. Itís free, quick, and confidential. And it could save a life. It takes 15-30 minutes. If this check is successful, you receive a decal to be placed on the vessel. RCMSAR does NOT forward any of the information to any enforcement agency, regardless of whether a check is successful or not. DNA Fire Doctors will check, recharge and certify your fire extinguishers for a small fee. If a check is unsuccessful, the member checking your vessel will advise you on how you can remedy deficiencies. We appreciate that you are a responsible boater who cares for friends and family on your vessel.
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Great Prizes, Live Music, 50/50 Draws.
By supporting our Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue fund raising events,
you are helping our Volunteers make our local waters safe for everyone.

How our community benefits
RCMSAR 5 provides Support for Local Fire and Police, White Rock Polar Bear Swim, Wings over White Rock, Local Sea Scouts, Christmas Sail Past, White Rock August Sea Festival, Canada Day Fireworks, Crescent Beach Days, IYC Regatta, World Oceans Day at Blackie Spit, Halloween at Camp Alexandria, Purple Martin research and conservation, Nicomekl Rowing Club Regatta, Local Boy Scout and Girl Guide Groups.

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue volunteers offer their time and commitment to provide marine search and rescue, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Members also work in the community to promote public boating safety.

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